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Check B4U Drive

Check B4U Drive is a one-day drivers mini-camp combining effective diabetes management with advanced driving skills.  View our one-page program overview.

From its start in 2010, Check B4U Drive was designed for teens with diabetes

Driving age is a milestone of independence, and it’s important for teens with diabetes to socialize and learn the best ways to prepare for a lifetime of safe driving.

The 1-day program (9AM to 3PM) is a fun and educational day of well-spent time.  Teens from past programs have left excited from receiving advanced and performance driving instruction most of their peers may never get.  Most importantly, they spend time with other T1D teens and gain new friends and share life experiences.


The program is open to teens age 15-19 with a permit or driver’s license. If space permits, we welcome 14 and 15 year olds without permits to participate in all aspects of the program except getting behind the wheel, although they can ‘ride along’ to listen and learn. Parents are welcome to stay as well.

Response from both teen and parent to the program is strong — and we're always looking to add more locations.  Contact us if you'd like to volunteer to help bring CB4UD to your location.  Become a “program chairperson” in your area. 

Check B4U Drive different from other “teen safe driving programs” in two key ways

  1. Each 1-day event is 6 hours. This time allows for activities covering both diabetes management and driving responsibilities as well as ample time for in-car activities.  

  2. Each event day is limited to 20 teens. This is a fun day for all attendees. It’s not often a small group of teens with T1 diabetes get a chance to spend some time together, making friends, sharing stories and learning about diabetes management and advanced driving skills from some of the best professional driving instructors in the U.S.  (Our instructors have backgrounds in the auto industry, motorsports, advanced racing/driving schools, high-threat driver training for the military, law enforcement, more)

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