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Register for Check B4U Drive

General information about our event…


1:  There is NO COST for T1D teens to participate.  Registration is required.


2.  Program is limited to 15 participants. (Age 15-19 with valid driver’s license — see Important Note below)


3. On a 'space available basis', we will permit a teen with diabetes without a license or permit to participate in all activities but the behind-the-wheel exercises.  (Registration still required - check the box indicating a non-licensed registration)

3. Insurance Requirements: Radford School of Racing requires waivers be signed.  Parents or guardians of teens under age 18 will sign. Teens age 18 or over will sign the waiver form for themselves.  

4. Once you have registered, additional information will be sent via email reminding everyone to bring their driver’s license, their own diabetes supplies.  

5. This is an active day so teen participants should wear comfortable apparel and shoes.  (No sandals, flip-flops, heels, etc.)

For the March 2, 2024 CB4UD program

Check B4U Drive will be conducted for JDNL by
the Radford
School of Racing at their facility
in Chandler AZ by their instructors.
Only T1D teens with a driver's license can participate in the driving activities.  Radford's rules will not permit 'ride alongs' for teens
without a license or permit.   
That said, T1D teens with a permit (or without a license) can still register and participate in other activities throughout the day.


Male or Female

Note: If you live in another city or location in the US and would like to have us contact you if we come to your region, please complete the registration form and use the comments section to let us know you'd like to be notified when future CB4U Drive programs are scheduled.

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