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Donate to Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation

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Our Check B4U Drive program for teens with diabetes helps teens who have obtained a driver’s license understand how to respond to low or high blood sugar levels before getting behind the wheel. Helping these teens build driving confidence and good habits will set the stage for safe driving well into their future.  

Your donation will help JDNL

  • Conduct events and programs around the country

  • Allow us to continue building our network of individuals with juvenile diabetes in sports and other professions to become supporters to teens and young adults with diabetes


Three Easy Ways to Donate!

  1. Contact us at 952-886-0152 and we will take your information and can process a credit card donation.

  2. Contact us by email at: (Please include your name, address, phone number and preferred email address so we may be able to make contact with you.)  Or contact us using our Contact Us form.

  3. Use the “donate” button below. You will be making your donation via a secure PayPal donation form that is specifically set up for nonprofit organizations.  THANK YOU!

To donate through our secure Paypal Donation Account, please click the donate button to the right.  Thank you!  Your support is meaningful and appreciated!

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